November Book Clubs


Our November Book Clubs were with 4th grade girls and a 4th grade boys.


The 4th grade girls read Fourth Grade Fairy. This book was really fun! In this book, Willow is a Fairy about to turn 10. When she turns 10 she is supposed to come into her powers and start learning more about granting wishes. However, she is way more interested in the Hum Drums (or humans) and her grandmother gives her a chance to attend the Hum Drum school for 2 weeks! Did I mention she has an awful sister too? Anyway, our girls love this book and we decided this series would be great for girls who have moved past the Rainbow Fairy Magic books.

The 4th grade boys read Dr. Proctor’s Fart Powder which was great book about Nilly who is new to the neighborhood and quickly makes friends with Dr. Proctor and Lisa. Nilly and Lisa help Doctor Proctor develop his latest invention, a powder that makes you fart. The powder makes Nilly and Lisa VERY popular at school when they sell it for $.50 a bag. And they get revenge on Truls and Trym by giving them an extra strength dose of fart powder that shoots them up into a tree. All is good farty fun. Until someone steals the industrial-strength fart powder — that was supposed to make Doctor Proctor famous — to use for evil purposes….



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