AP World History: Effects of Colonialism

The AP World History Classes are coming to the library for a close study of primary sources regarding coerced labor systems (College Board’s preferred term for slave labor systems). F2F students will participate in a gallery walk and reflection activity. VA students will participate in a virtual gallery walk and reflection activity.

We will take an unflinching look at the effects of Colonialism on human rights in the Americas. We will look at various primary and secondary sources that detail the experiences of the Atlantic Slave Trade, Encomienda System, and the Spanish use of the Mit’a System.

Following the analysis of the primary sources, all students will fully answer the question: how did colonialism affect human rights? They will Include evidence/support from your gallery slideshow notes. They will include all three coerced labor systems: encomienda, Spanish mit’a, and Atlantic slavery.

They will create a product of their choice to represent their learning of the effects of Colonialism. They can choose from creating a podcast, infographic, or another type of presentation using Google Slides, Adobe Spark, draw/hand-create, the sky’s the limit!


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