2nd Grade Media Literacy Web Quest

This week at the RBE Library, I will be working with the 2nd graders to talk about media literacy.

What is media literacy? With so many different kinds of media sources out there today, it is important that our students learn not only to read words on a physical page, to be able to navigate, understand, evaluate, and think critically about the different media sources out there.

When we are teaching media literacy it’s about helping students become competent, critical and literate in all media forms so that they control the interpretation of what they see or hear rather than letting the interpretation control them.

This web quest will ask students to read and think critically about some of the media sources they are familiar with. Students will look closely at the purposes of the different kinds of media, look at the techniques used to create the different types of media and their messages. Students will also examine different written conventions for different types of media.


Click Here to go to the Media Literacy Web Quest

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  3. This looked like a great resource to use for my students. Unfortunately, the YouTube video of Eric Carle is no longer available so I cannot use it. If there is an updated version, please let me know.

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