Items available for check-out

Students may check out books, headphones for use in the library, headphones with microphones for use in the library, ebooks, and digital audiobooks for the standard check-out period. Since Reedy went one to one in 2021, the library no longer has any Chromebooks or laptops for student use, even temporarily.

Check-out policy

Students and staff are encouraged to check out books and other materials from the library. Students may check out 5 books or 10 graphic novels at a time for a loan period of 3 weeks.  Additional items can be checked out or for a more extended time upon request. Students may download two digital books at a time on Overdrive for a loan period of 14 days, and these do not count toward physical items. Students may also check out 2 items at a time for a loan period of 14 days for ebooks and digital audiobooks from MackinVia.

Student Book Wishes

At the Reedy¬†Library, we want to have the best selection of books for our students! While it isn’t possible for us to have and purchase EVERY book students want, we do want to know what books students are interested in reading. If we at least know what books are requested, we can check to see if they meet our district selection guidelines, and as funds allow, try and acquire them for the library.

If there is a book that you are interested in, that we don’t have, then fill out the form below. If parents are interested in donating to the library so we can purchase student requested books, please do so on our Donate to the RHS Library page and we would be happy to accept donations. Click here to make a donation to the library.

Click here for the #ReedyLibrary Student Wish List Form

Overdue item policy

Please just return overdue items when you are done with them. Any students with overdue items at the end of the year will be placed on the hold list. Schedules for the next year will not be given to any student on the hold list. Come talk to Mrs. Lambert at any point with a problem with an overdue item. We do not charge any fines for overdue books.

Lost or damaged books

If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair or use, we may ask a student to pay for it. If you need to pay for a lost or damaged book, come talk to Ms. Lambert to determine who to make restitution for the lost or damaged book. If you wish to pay for a lost or damaged book click here.

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