2nd Grade Fables Google Hangout

GH1This week at the RBE Library, Mrs. Hildebrand’s 2nd Grade Class did a Google Hangout with a 2nd Grade Class in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania!

After the students did their Fables stations and wrote their Fable Mini Books, we were able to call Christina Brennan, Library Media Specialist at Coopertown Elementary, via Google Hangout and video chat with a class of her 2nd graders!

Christina’s kids had been writing fairy tales while ours had written Fables. One of our students came up first and explained to the Pennsylvania kids what awe had learned about Fables. Then, the kids took turns coming up the camera on their side and ours and shared their writing. The students in Pennsylvania shared their fairy tales and our students shared their Fable Mini Books. Our students also shared what the moral of their Fable was when they shared their writing. Here is a link to the original lesson for the Fable and the Mini Book.

This was a powerful activity for the kids to get to have a wider audience for their writing. The kids had a great time on the Google Hangout and they really enjoyed getting to share their writing with kids from across the country! Here is the link to the Coopertown Library Website post about our Google Hangout!

More Pics from Our Google Hangout with Coopertown Elementary

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