Library FAQ

Q: What is the #ReedyLibrary?

A: We are the library of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas. The campus opened its in August 2015 and serves students in grades 9-10 for the 2015-2016 school year, their families, school staff, and the local community. We will be expanding our grades served to 9-12 in the coming years.

Q: Where is the RHS Library?

A: Reedy High School is located at 3003 Stonebrook Parkway in Frisco, TX 75034. Please call the library if you need directions. (469) 633 – 6422.

Q: What are the library hours?

A: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. We are open during the entire school day.

Q: What is the library philosophy?

A: The goal of the RHS library is to give the school community the full information experience: using it, creating it, understanding it, and enjoying it. We are dedicated to fulfilling the Reedy mission and we will continue to innovate and transform with the changing needs of our community.  We also believe in the pursuit of happiness that reading and inquiry bring, that sometimes you have to change your own story, and that imagination fuels the future.

Q: What is the check-out policy?

A: Find that here.

Q: What’s the policy for overdue books?

A: Find that here.

Q: How do I pay for a book that is lost or damaged?  

A: Visit our policy page for the answers to this question.

Q: What programs can I attend at the library?

A: Check the Home Page for the most updated information about the library.

Q: Does the library accept donations?

A: Absolutely!  We may not be able to put the book on the shelf for check-out (sometimes we can, just depends if each book meets the FISD selection policy), but we can use the books in our school programming or donate them to a local charity. You can also make monetary donations in any amount.

Q: Who are the library staff?

A: Nancy Jo Lambert is your RHS librarian.

Mrs. Lambert is a former English teacher and lifelong learner, and has opened two school libraries.  She has been in education since 2005 and in a school library since 2010. Reedy is her fifth school in FISD, and she is pleased that her entire educational career has been in FriscoISD, her forever home.


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