Judy Moody Gets Famous

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Judy Moody Gets Famous  by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Peter Reynolds is just one book in the Judy Moody series. Judy Moody is a wonderful character that is a great star for a series!

In this book, Judy Moody, the quirky, spunky, and awkward young girl who is the star of the book, is jealous that her little brother Stink has received a place of honor on the family fridge and appears to be famous. Judy realizes that in order to be famous too, she is going to have to do something worthy of getting her picture in the paper.
As is characteristic of Judy Moody, she pulls several stunts and attempts vain pursuits to get herself in the paper and get famous. However, readers will feel rewarded and enjoy this book because of how it ends. Judy is a great character and this is another great story for her!
If you like Junie B. Jones, then you will also like Judy Moody! Check out this book at the RBE Library!
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  1. I loved that this reviewer was specific and described lots about Judy Moody. I really want to check out this book now! 🙂

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