Easy Origami

Find this book in Nonfiction at 745.5 BOU

Easy Origami by Didier Boursin with translation and origami consultation by John Reid.

The review is about a book called Easy Origami. The author and illustrator of the book is Didier Boursin. It is a Nonfiction book. It has never been a Bluebonnet or a 2×2 book before.

If you like origami, read this book. I enjoyed it because it taught me a lot about origami, and I learned more projects. The topic of the book is basically origami projects and tips. It is a teaching book as well is enjoyable.

If you would like to expand your origami knowledge, read this book. At the beginning it shows you what symbols in origami books mean. It also shows you how to do certain types of folds you might not know how.

Check out this book at the RBE Library!

This review was written and submitted by4th grader Oliver.


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