Sumdog Contest!

I am so excited and so proud of our 5th graders! Mrs. Cox and Mr. Brown were the teacher leads for an awesome math endeavor that won recognition and achievement for our 5th grade students.

Here is the website:

Here is the information Mrs. Cox sent out to parents earlier today:

I just wanted to let you know that we won the contest!!  I copied and pasted the prizes that we will be getting for our school so you would know what we won.  The kids did a great job and it really was an amazing team effort by all.  Of the top 10 students that will be getting a certificate 6 will be from our own Ruth Borchardt Elementary!

We were one of 28 schools that participated in this contest for Regions 8, 9, and 10 and I am very proud of how well everyone did.

1st prize for the school with the highest number of questions answered: Engraved trophy, and a site license for “Yenka Mathematics software” (worth $750). Only awarded if 15 or more school buildings take part.

Daily school prizes for the schools with the highest number of questions answered: a certificate and a site license for “Yenka 3D shapes software” (worth $330)

Student prizes: certificates for the top 10 students that answer the most questions correctly overall.

The kids have been so excited about this entire competition and have really worked extremely hard.  The students can still get on and play over the break and earn coins and move up levels, but it will not be for the competition any more.


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