Pokémon Ultimate Handbook

Pokémon Ultimate Handbook by Cris Silvestri

Call Number: 794.8 SIL

This book contains info about Pokemon. It tells you what type of Pokemon each individual is. Also, this book tells you the height/length, weight, possible moves, the region(s) it is in, species, and the pronunciation of the Pokemon’s name.

My favorite part of this book is the part that tells you how to pronounce the Pokemon’s name. Otherwise, I would be stuck trying to pronounce just the name of the Pokemon.

If you like Pokemon, you’ll like this book. If you want to learn info about Pokemon, this is the book for you, too.

This book’s genre is informational, realistic fiction. This book’s story line is handbook style. This book left me feeling content, curious, energized, inspired, shocked, surprised, smarter. On a scale of 1-5, I give this a 5.

This review was written and submitted by 5th grader Oliver.


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