2nd Grade Persuasive Letters With Puppet Pals

This week at the RBE Library our 2nd graders came to the library after completing their Persuasive Letters for the Publishing phase!

The students came to the library a couple of weeks ago to do research for their persuasive topics. I was so excited that they came back to publish!

We have 12 iPads, so half of the kids checked in and out while the other half used the iPads to publish. Then we rotated the book groups as the iPad group finished. I had a lot of help from Ms. O’Hair too!

The students did an amazing job writing their letters, and they were super excited about publishing using the PuppetPals app for the iPad!

Below, you can click on the teacher to go to that class’ playlist of videos. You are really going to enjoy these videos too!

Mrs. Reed’s Class

Mrs. Dautrich’s Class

Mrs. Thomas’ Class

Mrs. Hildebrand’s Class

Mrs. Borgonzi’s Class

Mrs. Kopil’s Class



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