1st Grade Comparing & Contrasting Fairy Tales

ninja pigs

This week at the RBE Library, I am using the wonderful and fabulous Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat that is a Texas 2×2 book this year. I cannot read this book enough! I will not be content until every kid in our school has had the chance to read this book!

Anyway, so this week I read the Ninja Pigs to all of 1st grade. We completed this Story Compare & Contrast Activity Sheet by comparing this modern fractured fairy tale to the more classic fairy tale.

During shoulder shares, the kids compared The Three Little Pigs to the The Three Ninja Pigs by recording how they were the same. Then they shoulder shared and contrasted the two stories by explaining how they were different.

This is such a fun book to read and the kids loved comparing and contrasting it to the original story!


Pictures of The Three Ninja Pigs Activity 

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