The Mischievians


I just received this book from Antheneum books for young readers, and I am going to be ordering this AMAZINGly fun book book for the RBE Library!

So, let me tell you about this book…

Have you ever wondered why your homework mysteriously disappears? Or why you get those pesky blisters from certain shoes? Maybe you are someone who laughs and giggles at times when you are supposed to be quiet. Or, you know that spot on your back that itches that you just can’t reach? Well, all of these annoyances are caused by some irksome and troublesome little creatures called Mischievians! This is also the name of the book I am writing about!

The book details all the little creatures and what each creature does to make our lives more difficult. The illustrations are so cool and the writing is really interesting guys. You are going to love this book!

Also, the publisher sent me some fun window clings that you can spot on the library windows in the hall above the MicroBlog!

For the first 15 people who read this book post and write a comment below about something you wonder about this new book or about how excited you are to read this, you can come claim an awesome pencil!


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