#MSELib Minecraft Club Interest Form

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The #MSELib Minecraft Club is starting soon! The Minecraft Club is going to be during 4th & 5th grade recess every Monday. We will be using Minecraft EDU to work together through collaboration to build and create and try out different educational worlds together.

I will only be able to choose 24 kids for each club and I will choose 24 4th graders and 24 5th graders for the first club. I am going to run the first club for 9 weeks to see how it goes.

Any 4th or 5th graders interested in being in the 2nd Nine Weeks Minecraft Club must have the online form below filled out by Wednesday, October 29th.

For the students who are being considered for the club, they will be required to get 2 teacher recommendations and parent permission to participate in the club. Not all students who apply will get to participate.

Please fill out the online form below completely to be considered for the Minecraft Club

by Wednesday, October 29th!


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