1st Grade Media Literacy

IMG_7646Last week at the McSpedden Library our 1st graders came to library for a Media Literacy Lesson. The 1st grade teachers and I collaborated on 2 lessons, 1 lesson they did in the classroom and another that we co-taught in the library.

We used the Google Presentation below for our lessons. We also used this Media Literacy Reading Response T Chart and this Media Literacy Reading Response Tools. The teachers did the first part of the Google Presentation in their classrooms, Slides 4-11 and used the T-Chart. Then, they came to the library and the teachers and I guided the kids through slides 12-19. We looked at the purpose of different kinds of media first, then we talked about the different tools used in media. After that, we identified the tools used in different media, the purpose of the media, and how the tools impacted the purpose of the media.

The kid did really great with this digital kit and with Media Literacy!

4/26/19 UPDATE

Due to the MANY requests I have had for this Google Slides Presentation, I am providing a link to a copy of it. Please click on Use Template to make a copy. These slides are now very dated, I also suggest you update the content to reflect more current  practices & resources.

Click Here to Make A Copy of the Slides

1st Grade Media Literacy Digital Kit

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26 comments on “1st Grade Media Literacy
  1. This is a great powerpoint to teach media literacy to first graders. I would love to download and use it in my class.

        • Our district is adding/updating media literacy in our curriculum. I am wondering if this Power Point is still available and if so, would you share it with us so we can use it. I work in the Hazelwood School District.
          Thank you in advance for sharing.
          Dr. Susan Dirnbeck

          • Hello Dr. Dirnbeck,

            Please see the updated post as I have added a link to a presentation copy that you can copy and use. 😀

  2. What a great way for students to recognize the importance of knowing how and why media exists. Could I get a copy of your powerpoint?

  3. I am having so much trouble creating a plan for media literacy. Teaching advertisements to be exact. I would love to download this! I teach first grade in San Antonio!

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