Read Woke

All Frisco ISD High Schools are participating in an optional Read Woke Challenge for the 2020-2021 school year, created by Cicely Lewis, AKA Cicely The Great. The FISD HS librarians chose 10 books for the challenge. For more detailed information about the books, click here.

The 10 books are woke because they meet the following criteria:

  • Challenge a social norm
  • Tell the side of the oppressed
  • Provide information about a group that has been disenfranchised
  • Seek to challenge the status quo
  • Shed light on an issue that many may not perceive as being an issue

RHS students & staff are encouraged to read these 10 books & complete a reflection for each book they read as part of the optional challenge. Any student or staff member who reads ONE of the Read Woke books will get a Read Woke button. Any student or staff member who completes the challenge by reading all 10 books, will receive a READ WOKE shirt & get their picture on the ReedyLibrary website if they choose to. Share your own story on social media by using the hashtag #fisdreadwoke and #ReadWoke!


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