RBE Student Poets

One of the last things students got to do this year in the RBE Library was play with poetry! Poetry is one of my favorite genres to read and write, so I was excited to get to create an opportunity for students to just read fun poetry and write fun poetry!

See the pictures of students having fun with poetry in the slide show below!



Students in grades 1st-5th got to participate in 5 poetry stations where they read poetry by fabulous kid poet Jack Prelutsky, write poetry, manipulate poetry, play with rhyme, and just be creative!

Students in grades 3-5 experimented with the following forms of poetry:

  1. Found Poetry
  2. Visual or Concrete Poetry
  3. Free Verse
  4. Rhyming

We used the Jack Prelutsky poetry books shown below for this project:

Most of the students in grades 3-5 also got to publish one of the poems they wrote or created by using the iPads. We used the LifeCards app to publish the poem and include the student picture. One of the great things about this activity, was that after a group of kids published their poems, they were able to become the “App Experts.” The App Experts helped the kids who hadn’t published yet to publish their poems using the app. It was really fun!

Then, I put them all on the Google Apps Slide Rocket presentation below!



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One comment on “RBE Student Poets
  1. I LOVE your ideas for poetry centers. I was recently moved from a high school library to an elementary school and I am trying to do poetry centers. Would you be willing to share your files from this?

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