Kindergarten Questions & Cindy Moo

cindy moo

This week at the RBE Library, our kindergarten students continued their classroom learning in the library by asking questions while we read.

We talked about that good readers are constantly asking questions as they read. They do this because it helps them think about what they are reading and it helps them understand what they are reading.

So, we used this¬†Read Aloud Think Aloud Questions We Asked While Reading¬†sheet to record our thinking as we read this Texas 2×2 book.

In the book, Cindy Moo, the cow, overhears the nursery rhyme, “Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumps over the moon.” Cindy Moo decides that she is going to jump over the moon even though none of the other cows in the herd think that she can.

After repeated attempts to jump over the moon, she becomes very discouraged when it rains and the clouds cover the moon. However, after the rain clears, she does figure out a way to jump over the moon! She uses the moon’s reflection in a puddle of rain water! Not only does she get to jump over the moon, but the whole heard gets to too!

This book was great for asking questions like:

  • Can Cindy jump over the moon?
  • How will Cindy jump over the moon?
  • Will Cindy jump over the reflection?
  • Who will lead the herd?

We really enjoyed reading this book and asking our questions! After we read the book, students turned the sheet over and marked whether or not they like the story and illustrated a picture of Cindy jumping over the reflection of the moon!

Pictures of Kinder Asking Questions While Reading


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