Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry by M. P. Kozlowsky and illustrations by Erwin Madrid is a new book that I read this summer.

In this book, Juniper Berry is the only child of two very, very famous actors in Hollywood. As the child of famous movie stars, she lives a very lonely, very secluded life. Juniper is fascinated by people, and she only sees them from a distance. She uses a variety of instruments to look at the things in her life: binoculars to see the people that crowd the gates and fences of her home, a monocular to look at things in nature up close, and a bunch of magnifying glasses.

Juniper is also very disturbed by her parents’ behavior of late. She sees them changing, and they are virtually ignoring her. She remembers what they were like long ago, and wishes she could have her old parents back and the life they had before they were famous. Juniper notices that their behavior seems to be tied to some curious adventures her parents are taking in the woods behind their mansion.

When Jumiper takes off to explore, she finds more than she bargained for!

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