Read. Learn. Connect.

Welcome to the official RBE Library website. This is more than just a blog, this is a website for teachers, parents, and students of Ruth Borchardt Elementary. The BLOG portion of the website (or Web Log) allows users of this website to leave comments. Please feel free to comment on any page or post on this website. We love hearing your thoughts and opinions!

We hope to offer connections to both online and in-house resources the library has to offer. We also want patrons of the RBE Library to feel connected to events and programs at the library by receiving website updates through Facebook.

If you haven’t LIKED the RBE Library on Facebook, please visit and hit the LIKE button. You can also just hit the LIKE button on the Facebook box on the right hand side of this page.

Part of the mission of the RBE Library is to encourage and enhance reading experiences for students. Anytime you see the pink READ circle on a post, you will know that that post or page has information related to reading. The RBE Library is excited to promote books, both new and old, to get students talking about what they are reading and sharing with each other. Reading is a crucial skill for education and life. At the RBE Library, we want to encourage students to read for pleasure and to learn. The pink circle will convey that this element on the website connects to reading.


The RBE Library also wants students to learn through reading, through asking questions, and looking for answers. Anytime you see the yellow learn circle, you will know that that page or post has something to do with learning, research, inquiry, or skill development in reading and writing. Learning takes place all the time, every where we go. As naturally inquisitive people, we should strive to encourage our students to ask questions, and find the answers to develop skills that will aid them as they navigate their way through the information age.


The final symbol of the RBE Library is the green connect circle. This symbol works for many functions. Connecting might be connecting with others through reading, writing, publishing, or events and programs at RBE. The connect is also for connecting with each other at RBE, in the community, or even globally. We always our students at RBE to feel connected to our school, our community, and the world. Making connections through learning is also another way that our students will connect.


All of these images will appear on every post or page on this website as ways for our patrons to understand our mission and goals here at the RBE Library. We hope to see you soon to HangOut &Read@RBE Library!

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