New School, New Library, New Year…

People who are not in education and don’t have kids in school, usually don’t understand those of us who are at this time of year. The actual new year for me holds very little in importance (other than marking the half way point for the school year) because my new year is always in August, when school starts. This year, I am once again beginning a new school year at a new school.

I am following in the footsteps of a beloved and wonderful librarian who retired. As I entered into the hallowed space of the RBE Library, I was faced with a challenge, how to make the RBE Library my own so I can start creating my legacy.

As with any new year, I made some resolutions and plans. So far, I am following through. I remodeled and redecorated the space to suit my tastes and needs. I moved every book in the library to create a flow and a work space that will work for me and the students. I am also building this website to create an online presence for our little corner of the earth.

Since this is a new school for me, I have felt so welcomed and included by the staff! At a social we had the other night, I felt like the dandelion in the picture above, blowing my seeds and watching them take hold in the people I was talking to. As I anxiously await the new school year and the return of the students here at RBE, I am happy to know that my seeds have been planted and are still blowing around finding just the right place to land and take root. Will you be open to taking one of my seeds as we start this new school year with a whole new library?

(Psssst! Feel free to comment below and let me know…)

7 comments on “New School, New Library, New Year…
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  2. This is a great website! I might have to create my own! And I can’t wait to see the new library space tomorrow! I know it’s going to be incredible!!

  3. Hi there….it’s great to see your blog. I started today as a new librarian and haven’t a clue where to begin. I’m going to find some seeds to grow!

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