RBE Library Motto

At the RBE Library, we have created a mission statement and a motto to go with the Ruth Borchardt Elementary Mission Statements and Mottoes.

It is very important to us that we maintain a steady focus on what is really important and what we are trying to accomplish here with the students, staff, and community.




Ruth Borchardt Elementary School Mission Statement

Our Borchardt family respects and inspires each other to listen, learn, lead, laugh, and love.

RBE Library Mission Statement

The RBE Library nurtures a community of readers and learners to enjoy reading and seek answers to their questions.

RBE’s Motto

Opening Minds…

Holding Hands…

Touching Hearts…

RBE Library’s Motto




Students, during the scavenger hunt, type in a comment below telling Mrs. Goralczyk and Mrs. Lambert what the Read. Learn. Connect. motto means to you!

87 comments on “RBE Library Motto
  1. we think it means that books can help you learn. it gives you new ideas, and may also give you information that was blank in your mind. Go RBE <3<3<3<3<3

  2. to read is to learn, to learn is to connect, and the cycle goes on. Reading is thinking!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think read means to paint a picture in your mind about what you are reading. Learn means to remember important information you are told. Connect means to picture you in the the characters shoes. ^.^

  4. To me i think read stands for understand the words of the book. Learn stands for learn new words while reading. and connect stands for conect with your book and understand it.

  5. Read means to read books not because you are saposte to because you want to
    learn means to read nonfiction text sometimes.
    connect means to goto online library

  6. Bailey: I think read means is to read the book and learn means to learn from the book, and connect means to connect to the book with your life

  7. i think what read. learn. connect. means is like READ: means like u read a book and enjoy the book that you read. LEARN:means u learn what you read like in an info book. CONNECT: means u connkect with people or the books or the macbooks.

  8. Read-Find a just right book, and have fun reading.
    Learn-when you are reading you learn many interesting facts.
    Connect-when you are reading you can make a text to self,text to text, and text to world.

  9. When you read, you get to enjoy,learn, and do other things. If you go to a library, you almost always learn. To connect, maybe you feel the same thing as a character, or recognize something.

  10. Puffle Guy: I think it means to learn.

    Michal: i think it means to have a connection with the book.

  11. hannah:when you read you will learn and connect with others.
    olivia:when you read you will learn and connect with the book.

  12. you do lots of reading in the library (read) you learn when you read (learn) and sometimes you connect to the book (connect).

  13. I think reading is to help you get better at English, it also helps you to get good in spelling. You can relax in reading too. Relating your life to books can help you too. We hope everyone can enjoy reading.

  14. to read means you are thinking
    to learn you are listening and finding out information
    to connect it means to find a text to self or text to world or text to text

  15. when you read you learn and you make connections.
    when you learn you get smarter.
    when you connect, you think about the things that happened to you.
    when you read you get information that will make you smarter.

  16. Reading helps you inform,entertain, and express your imagination and emotions to show
    many moods and words

  17. I think read means to have fun reading, to learn is to learn about getting better at reading, and then connect means to be united and read together.

  18. I think read means to have fun reading, to learn is to learn about getting better at reading, and then connect means to be united and read together.

  19. Read, learn, and connect means to work together and try our best to understand all problems, by using teamwork.

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