Learning the Library Scavenger Hunt-Lost & Damaged Books

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When books become damaged or lost, the RBE Library staff have to remove them from the library. This means that those books can no longer be read by other students. Also, sometimes it is impossible to get that same book again for library.

Students should know that losing or damaging books is a horrible thing for our library and all of the students and teachers here at RBE.

So, all students who check out books from the RBE Library should do their best to take care of their books and not lose them.

After you added up the cost of the 5 damaged books and the 2 lost books, you should have a total of $100.99. Was your math right?

Now, go to http://borchardtlibrary.edublogs.org/donate-to-the-rbe-library/ to see where on the website you would go to pay for a lost or damaged book!

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  1. Books are so great, we should do everything we can to take care of them so others can read them too!

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