Campus Improvement Team Meeting

The RBE Library will connect with important campus stakeholders on Monday, September 19, 2011 by presenting about the new RBE Library. In this presentation, I want to showcase the innovative and exciting things we are doing at the RBE Library, but also highlight some areas of opportunity and need.

I hope that RBE stakeholders will take away a sense of pride in our campus and the amazing things the teachers and students are doing here while also seeing where we have room to grow and adapt as a library program.



4 comments on “Campus Improvement Team Meeting
  1. Thank you so much for all of your effort, enthusiasm, and passion to getting the kids eager to learn. All of the improvements are right on target on how kids learn today: not only receptive but interactive learning; guiding the children to independently search for answers, using up-to-date tools, having fun… excellent resources that the children will use all through their school years!
    “It takes a village….” Thank you for leading it!

    • Thank you Alejandra! I am so excited about being at RBE and to know that my efforts are on track and appreciated just fuels me to do more! I look forward to seeing you around the library!

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