Last Week @RBE Library

Boy! Last week was an exciting week at the RBE Library! Last week, students came and checked in and out hundreds of books! That alone is pretty impressive.

However, the RBE Library also launched our Rave Reviews program. In order to allow students to make book recommendations and have an online forum to discuss books, the RBE Library has created the Rave Reviews. After students finish a spectacular book, they can go online to the RBE Library Rave Reviews Page and submit an online form with their book review.

In order to prepare students for this task, I showed students in grades 2-5 several book reviews that I had written. In small groups students evaluated the reviews and talked about the different things I included in each review. Then the groups added to a list things they thought should be in a great book review. You can see the results of that by clicking here.

We actually had our first 3 student book reviews submitted last Tuesday and Wednesday. You can read about those by clicking here. Since then, we have several more book reviews submitted that I have added to the website as well. It is just so exciting to see our RBE students writing about books and sharing their book reviews with all of us!


Also, this week 1st graders received a Library Etiquette Review. We talked about making sure students abide by the following when they are in the library:

    1. Always use walking feet.
    2. Always use inside voices.
    3. Make sure to select at least 1 Just Right Book.
    4. Find your books and get checked out before choosing a bookmark.
    5. Use your shelf markers to make sure that all the books you don’t choose stay in their home on the shelf.

Kindergarten had a very magical story time this week. We read Milo’s Hat Trick by Jon Agee. We talked about magician’s and how most magician’s pull a rabbit out of their hat. However, in our story, Milo the Magnificent had trouble with his hat trick. While in search of a rabbit for his act, he came across a bear. This bear happened to know how to jump in and out of hats. (Pssst!  The secret was to pretend your bones are made of rubber!) The kids really enjoyed seeing all the mischief that the bear got into, and how in the end, Milo did become magnificent after all!




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