Dying to Meet You

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Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise and illustrated by M SarahKlise is a funny and suspenseful book. It is a Bluebonnet book for 2011-12.

In his book Mr.I.B. Grumply, a children’s book writer, rents a house on 43 Old Cemetary Road where he finds a boy named Seymore Hope living there with his cat Shadow. In that house their is not only Mr.I.B. Grumply and Seymore and Shadow but a mysterious ghost named Olive who haunts the house, but Mr.I.B. Grumply does not know.

Will Mr.I.B Grumply find out about Olive or not? Read the book to find out!

Check out this book at the RBE Library!

This review was written and submitted by 4th grader Kay Chi.

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