Last Week @RBE Library

Last week at the RBE Library, students and teachers really enjoyed their library times! Students were able to use anywhere from 10-20 minutes of their library reading independently or talking with peers about great books!

This week, students also participated in a survey. I explained to the students that I want to start some library programs and clubs at Borchardt, but that I really wanted to see what they might be interested in, so I only start things that the students really want to do. The students were excited about the possibilities and getting to have a voice. You can see the surveys if you click here and you can see the results if you click here.

Students Taking the Online Survey


Also this week, Kindergraten and 1st Grade students came and checked out books and had a story time. Their story time was one of the 2010-2011 Texas 2×2 Books, Otis written and illustrated by Loren Long. This is a great story about two friends, Otis the tractor and the little calf. During the story, students were asked to pay attention to how Otis helps his friend the little calf. Then, after the story, students shared with a friend how Otis helped the little calf get unstuck from Mud Pond.

As students left the library, they pretended to be Otis by saying “putt puff puttity chuff.” It is a wonderful book, and you can check it out at the RBE Library!

 Last week, 5th Grade Students at the RBE Library came to do a webquest in the library. I collaborated with Mr. Brown who gave me some resources to look at, and I created a webquest that was designed to do these things:

  1. introduce students to alternative energy sources
  2. engage students in this topic that studied all week in science
  3. prompt students to think about alternative energy sources
  4. ask questions about a topic they would be studying in class to encourage them to seek the answers to their questions
  5. allow the students to have fun while learning

The students came to the library for 45 minutes, where they spend just a few minutes on 6 stations on the webquest. Click here to see the webquest. At each station they watched a video, interacted with a website, or read online about existing and emerging alternative energy technologies. At the end of each station, students wrote down a question they had about alternative energy. Then, to conclude the activity, students wrote 1 thing that they learned that day and left a comment on the webquest. Students really enjoyed the activity and being in charge of their own learning. To see the activity, watch the video below.


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