Little Oh

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Little Oh by Laura Krauss Melmed and illustrated by Jim LaMarche. Being a beautiful girl is tough, but when it comes to life it’s magical. Little Oh is an inspiring book about a girl who can explore over the skies and under the seas.

Even if they says that she is not strong she can’t give up. She is brave with confidence of exploring with the beautiful swan. She learned her family or she can be lost,but she can be found by a more precious family. Being a paper doll can be special because little oh was the world’s most stunning gift . She was colorful and adventurous just like a warrior in war.

She used to say,”Mother can I learn how to sway like the wind and flow the the skipping stones on the little creek ?” Can she come to life? of course!

With all the hope and confidence she had there was a miracle. This is a heartwarming book with joy and adventure. Learn about her as she flies away for the rest of her life. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes when I read this book. Glee made me smile. She is so brave that she will or might live on with another book about her. I was so impressed by the author of how descriptive and amazing it was. With all the illustrations the story made me float like her. She was blooming with a good start. I loved the book.

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This review was written and submitted by 4th Grader Niyoosha.

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