Last Week @RBE Library

Over the last two weeks at the RBE Library, students explored and experienced the books of author Kate Klise. They were able to predict, imgine, and share as we read her books together.

On Thursday, October 27th, Kate Klise came to RBE to present to students about being a writer and to inspire them to write creatively! Click here to see all about her visit.

It was really fun to get to read Kate Klise’s books to the students and see how her words inspired them and sparked their creativity! I was able to make 2 ebooks out of some of their drawings and writings that they did in the library.

Look at the images below to see the 3 books I chose to share with students in the library.










The RBE Library is the place to be as you can see from the pictures I took over the last 2 weeks below!


I also made this video to explain all that the students did in regards to Kate Klise’s books. Check out all the fun and engaging things our RBE students did to read, learn, and connect to books and reading!


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