2nd Grade American & Texas Symbols

This week at the RBE Library, 2nd grade students will be coming to learn about important American and Texas symbols.

We are going to go through the research process by seeing what symbols they can choose from, picking the one they are most interested in, then developing their own open ended questions using this. Students will use library books the links below to answer their questions and record web resources here and print resources here. After they have their questions, they will use a variety of resources to answer their questions. They will use some books and some online resources.
After they have answered their questions, they will record their learning on this and come by a recording station where I will video them saying the most interesting pieces of their learning. I will then create a movie that will showcase the classes learning from the research process.

They will be graded using this rubric.

Below are the links and information students should use for this inquiry.

The symbols to choose from are:

  1. The Bald Eagle
  2. The Liberty Bell
  3. The Statue of Liberty
  4. The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Uncle Sam
  6. The Bluebonnet & the Texas Flag


Symbols Research Links:


The Bald Eagle

  1. Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids
  2. EBSCO
  3. World Book
The Liberty Bell
The Statue of Liberty
The American Flag & the Pledge of Allegiance
Uncle Sam
Bluebonnets and the Texas Flag
See what it looked like during the research process!

Watch the class videos of them presenting the most interesting things they learned!

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