The Penderwicks

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The Penderwicks  by Jeanne Birdsall is a funny and wonderful book about a family of 4 totally different sisters: Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty; their old dog, Hound, and their dad Martin, who come venturing out to a vacation home estate called Arundel.

It is owned by a snooty, cold-hearted woman, Mrs.Tifton, and her polite and intelligent son Jeffrey. Right when the Penderwicks arrive at their beautiful condo, a teenage gardner boy named Cagney meets them. They greet him and get in the house. All of the rooms were amazing so it didn’t matter who got which one. Right after they settled in, they go out to explore.

All the Penderwicks know is that this women is not nice and this beautiful place has more adventures then any of there old vacations!

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This review was written and submitted by 5th grader Noor. Check out her book trailer below!



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