The Trumpet of the Swan

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The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White is about a little cygnet named Louis who was born without a voice. When Sam, a boy, sees him, he helps him by letting him go to school with him. When he returns home, he is carrying a slate and a chalk pencil. The swans can not understand him,but people can.

When his mom and dad talk about Louis not having a voice, his father decides to go to the store Billings to steal a trumpet. He thinks the trumpet can help him have a voice. When he breaks in the store he steals it and leaves. He comes back and gives the trumpet to Louis. He put the trumpet around his neck just like everything else.

When Louis finds Sam again. He goes to camp with him. He saved Applegate from drowning. He got a medal for that. Then he got a job at Swan Boat and gets money each week he thinks he can pay his fathers debts. He earns a money bagĀ  for his money and keeps working until he gets invited for 5000 dollars at a zoo. He agrees and sends a mail and starts to fly to Philadelphia.

When he arrives he splashed at the lake and meets Lucas the zoo keeper. He tells him to play the trumpet at 9:00 at the morning. He is glad that this way more people want to come and visit the zoo because of Louis the swan playing the trumpet.

When he sees Serena, the swan he wants to marry. He calls Sam quick. When he comes, he tells him to talk to the headmaster of letting her go . He enters and talks. Read the book to see if she stays or leaves. I really recommend you to read this fabulous book!

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This review was written and submitted by 4th grader Amy.

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