Reverso Poetry Inspired by Mirror Mirror

A couple of weeks ago, I shared Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer with several classes as we were reading through some of the Texas Bluebonnet books.

Marilyn Singer (whom I met in the elevator of the Four Seasons hotel in Austin last year during TLA) wrote this entire book of poetry in the Reverso form. Read one direction, they have one meaning, and then read backwards, with changes only allowed in punctuation and capitalization, they mean something totally different.

The cool thing about all the poems in this book is that they are all based on Fairy Tales and read one way it one side of the story (Snow White, Little  Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks) and then read backwards it is the other side of the story (The Wicked Step Mother, The Big Bad Wolf, The Prince, The Three Bears).

After sharing the book with classes and reading about the Reverso poems, several students were inspired to write their own Reverso poems!

Read their poems below and congratulate them on their creativity and writing by leaving a comment below!


A beast                               You are

is                                           as bad

as bad                                 as a

as you.                               a beast.

-Marjan Turd


Listen and act appropriately.                              Appropriately act and listen.

Activities involve yourself in.                             In yourself involve activities.

-Ben Fossitt



Peace on Earth

Love and peace on Earth                                          Knows none

Impossible as it is                                                        Magic it is

Is it so great?                                                                 Great, so it is

Is it magic?                                                                     Is it as impossible

None knows                                                                    Earth on peace and love

-Macey Edmunds


Family Forever

Family is forever                                      Together is family

Is it as always                                             Everywhere love and kisses are followed

Followed are kisses and love              always as it is

everywhere                                                forever is family

Family is together

-Macey Edmunds


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4 comments on “Reverso Poetry Inspired by Mirror Mirror
  1. Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes
    Girl fighting the masses,
    What a struggle. Oh!
    Boy, he grows into the crown.
    Is the one who knocks,
    The Man.

    The Man is the one.
    Who knocks?
    The crown he grows into.
    Oh boy!
    What a struggle.
    Fighting the masses?
    Battle of the Sexes

  2. For noble heroes,
    It’s honor and chivalry
    Not shining armor

    Not shining armor
    It’s honor and chivalry
    For noble heroes.

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