Last Week @RBE Library

Last week at the RBE Library, we spent a lot of time on computers! Kindergarten still came to the library, and we had fun times continuing to read the Texas 2×2 books!

One of the last ones we read, was Keith Baker’s LMNOPeas. In this book, the Peas show all the different things they can be when they grow up. They all illustrated brilliantly to show how they are each unique in their own way!

So, our Kinder students drew pictures of how they are unique! They drew themselves doing things they like to do, self portraits, and pictures of who they want to be when they grow up!

Enjoy their artwork, as it is as unique as each of them by clicking here!

The other grade levels spent time with me in the computer lab. 2nd-4th graders learned how to access and use the World Book Online. Instead of wading through millions of hits on Google or using the only ok Wikipedia, I have referred students to use the World Book Online.

This is an online encyclopedia that the district pays for so that elementary students have a quality resource to use when they need information. When students are at school, they can use the search boxes to instantly access this great encyclopedia.

However, from home, they can still use the search boxes on the library website, but they will be prompted to put in a user name and password. We sent home bookmarks in the Thursday folder that had all of our database usernames & passwords on it. If this has been misplaced, students can get another one from the library at any time!

5th grade students did not get to explore the World Book yet because they were actively engaged in a web quest I created and designed specifically for their study of the historical events leading up to our nation’s Declaration of Independence! To see the web quest click here! To see all about it, watch the video below!




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