Shark Wars

shark warsShark Wars by EJ Altbacker


Gray and his friends are trying to save their home, The Big Blue, from evil.First,they face a power hungry tyrant named,Goblin,who thinks himself as the only shark worthy for the throne.
Second,they meet a even worse enemy,Finnivus,another shark who not just wants to be king of the Big Blue.He wants to be the ruler of the entire ocean!Third,they meet a powerful frilled shark named,Houkku,who believes he will become the ultimate ruler!His goal is to kill anyone who disobeys him.Then they meet the Jurassics and Phrerestorics ,and last of all Drinnok.Will Gray and Riptide United beat all of these powerful enemies?Or will they fail to beat them to their goal?Find out when you read these books of perfection!

My favorite part was when Gray succeeded in beat two of his enemies,Goblin and Finnivus .Gray has still lost some of his friends on the way but he is a happy ruler for now.He still has two more to go,Houkku,Drinnok,and the Jurrassicsand Phrerestorics.

If you like sharks or action or war, you’ll like this book of total perfection!

This book’s genre is fantasy. This book’s story line is action oriented, sad, angry. This book left me feeling curious and dreamy. On a scale of 1-5, I give this book a 5!

This review was written and submitted by 4th grader Warren.

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