1st Library Visit Scavenger Hunt

Welcome back RBE!

Read Learn Connect Image

This year we are going to kick things off in the library with students in the 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades doing a Scavenger Hunt.

Students will navigate all over the library by following directions. They will also use iPads to scan QR Codes to answer some of the questions on the activity.

During the Scavenger Hunt students will:

  • use the online catalog to complete different kinds of searches
  • locate a Nonfiction book
  • locate a Biography book
  • locate an Everybody book
  • locate a graphic novel
  • locate a Series book
  • locate a fiction book
  • practice checking in and out a book
  • think about the library motto

After the students complete the Scavenger Hunt they will check their answers using the GradeCam website.

As part of the activity, students are asked to think about the RBE Library motto: Read. Learn. Connect.

Below, please leave a comment about what you think the words Read. Learn. Connect mean in the library.

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