2nd Grade Just Right Books


This week at the RBE Library, our 2nd grade students came to the library to practice their 5 Finger Rule and find their Just Right Book. See the full lesson plan here.

We started out the lesson by looking at a blank Just Right Books Mind Map with 1 circle for Too Easy Books, 1 circle for Too Hard Books, and 1 circle for Just Right Books on it. On the back of the blank mind map were a bunch of different descriptions for a book that is Too Easy, Too Hard, and Just Right. Also on the page is the 5 Finger Rule. (Just Right Books Back)

I talked with the students about choosing a Just Right Books that meets several different qualifiers that work for them. I also modeled choosing a Just Right Book for me.

After the mini lesson, the kids went in groups to the tables. Each table had 10 books on it: some that would be too easy, some that would be too hard, and a range of books that could be Just Right. The students examined the books, and completed their Mind Maps. Most of the kids left the library with a more defined understanding of books that were Just Right for them. They also left wanting to read some great books that they had encountered at their tables.

Pictures of Our Just Right Books Activity




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