2nd Grade Bridge Inquiry Activity

This week in the RBE Library, 2nd Grade Students will be coming into the library for an opportunity to learn and do some inquiry about bridges.

What do you know about bridges? I didn’t know that much before I prepared for this activity. I have driven and walked across many bridges of varying sizes and architecture, and I know that bridges are carefully designed. So, this week we are going to encourage our second grade students to find out more about bridges and ask some questions that they can seek out the answers to.Click here for the activity sheet for students.


Station 1- A Basic Bridge

In this station, you will watch a short video about beam bridges. This video show you about a basic type of bridge called a beam bridge. Pay careful attention, you will get to play with beam bridges later!

Station 2- World Book Online & How Stuff Works

Now that you have seen a little about bridges, you can read about bridges in the World Book Online. Click here to visit the World Book Online article about bridges.

After you read about bridges in the World Book write another question that you have about bridges.




Station 3- Building a Beam Bridge

Now, you are going to get to build some simple beam bridges!

Watch the video and use the materials at your station to recreate this bridge experiment.

Which of the bridges held the most pennies? Talk to your group about what significant change was made to the structure of the bridge to make it so strong?

What question do you have about bridges now?




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