#EdCampDallas with my #PLN

downloadOn Saturday October 12, I went to #EdCampDallas. This is something I look forward to every fall now. EdCamps are a nonconference conference for those in my Twitterverse. See, I have a #PLN, or professional learning network on Twitter. These are people, organizations, and product innovators that I follow on Twitter. I collaborate with them by charing what I do, seeing what they do, learning from what they do, and applying what I learn in my library. Then the cycle starts all over again.

Anyway, back to #EdCampDallas. When I arrive there, people volunteer on the spot to present and share sessions. The sessions are extremely interactive and more of a conversation than a presentation. I tweet out the whole time about who I am meeting, what I am learning, and what’s being said in the sessions I go to. It is so much fun and such a fast paced learning environment!

So this year, I went to 4 Sessions: #Gamification, #GeniusHour, #SkypeInTheClassroom, & #GoogleApps. Here are some of my tweets about my learning:

  1. Learning about gamification from @ZachSnow at #edcampdallas (Channeling @MatthewWinner as I type!)Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.07.03 AM
  2. Gaming helps kids understand it’s ok to not be successful the 1st time. Die in a game, go again. #gradesubdermine2ndattempt #edcampdallas
  3. Native Americans in Minecraft! #awesome #edcampdallas
  4. Give the kids permission to run & show you! #gamification #edcampdallas
  5. I am going to gamify my library! Next year at #edcampdallas, I will present on how I gamified. My commitment to myself Tweeps.
  6. Use gaming vocabulary & take a game approach to learning! #MindBlowing #edcampdallas
  7. High jack classroom Dojo for gamification! #edcampdallas
  8. Reality is Broken learning about gaming. #gamification #edcampdallas pic.twitter.com/hJnxTrvia0
  9. Failure is learning. #gamification is about turning learning into play. #edcampdallas
  10. #gamification is not about the tool, it’s about the learning & the end game. That’s your upfront. #edcampdallas
  11. @Sumlendia Use classroom dojo to allow the kids to earn badges or levelup through earning the dojo stuff!
  12. education.skype.com  right now #edcampdallas to learn more about Skype in the classroom!
  13. @akbusybee u were right! @utalaniz mentioned it, but from @langwitches created them!
  14. I have a Logitech Web Cam I need to use for Skype! Thanks @utalaniz #edcampdallas
  15. In genius hour w/ @iamkesler @fancynancy_70 & the fabulous @utalaniz ready to learn! #edcampdallas
  16. Teach w/ a sense of urgency! #edcampdallas
  17. #edcampdallas if u taught a session, add your TodaysMeet link here! Will tweet responses! https://docs.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/forms/d/1nZvnvhsiI0p9BfKhlOfLnpaxShg8KSRmD27OIklNxCk/viewform … pic.twitter.com/Np9dsMjSGP
  18. @TheDisciplineDr @AssessWell Teach to your highest level kid. Raise kids up to a new level #genishour #edcampdallas
  19. @LuanneLewisLCCS @AngelynCheatham @KristiniaHaney @akbusybee Layer life cards, strip design, comic life w/ Tellagami! #edcampdallas
  20. @FejeranPhoto Set up GoogleForm 4 kids to put their link in! Share videos! #edcampdallas #explaineverything
  21. @aimeegbartis @EdTechTexan Put the QR codes in the books too to author websites, book trailers, etc! I do that! #edcampdallas
  22. @jennann516: iFunFace, ExplainEverything, Toontastic, and Tellagami = fun #digitalstorytelling apps. #edcampdallas @getheather!” @ohaird
  23. @ZachSnow @akbusybee BTW, Love the #gamification collab session 2day! Committed 2 doing something in my library this year! @MatthewWinner
  24. @LibraryFanatic @MatthewWinner @ZachSnow @akbusybee Going to start w/ some stations & gaming vocabulary. #startingppoint
  25. @MatthewWinner @LibraryFanatic @utalaniz Check this out! http://worldofcrowe.wix.com/worldofcrowecraft …
  26. @MindiVandagriff: Checkout notes from #edcampdallas! http://ow.ly/pKWgu ” & this @MatthewWinner @LibraryFanatic @utalaniz #gamification

As a follow up, I have registered in a #gamification course:

I signed up for Gamification from @pennopencourses on @Coursera! https://www.coursera.org/course/gamification … #gamification13

I also created a #skype in the classroom account and am working on my first lesson on Overdrive.

I am going to go observe my Twitter BFF @utalaniz to see how she facilitates #geniushour in the library.

The #gamification and #geniushour endeavors will most likely occur either in the spring or next school year. I need to learn more and be more prepared before I implement these in the library. I will also be looking into #MakerSpaces to go along with #geniushour & #gamification.

After an exciting day of learning, I am thrilled to have my passions renewed and my creativity sparked. Look for more of my learning on Twitter and follow me in my journey as I learn and implement my learning in the library!

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