5th Grade Declaration of Independence Webquest

This week in the RBE Library, 5th grade students will be enriching their learning about the American Revolution, with a webquest about the Declaration of Independence.

This was a very important and exciting time in our nation’s past that we want our students to not only understand, but experience. Click here for the Activity Page referred to below. For the Activity Page Rubric, click here.

Following this research activity RBE students will create a Political Cartoon using iPads and a combination of the DoodleBuddy and ComicLife apps. Some students will use Publisher on the computer to create a comic strip as well. Click here for the Political Cartoon Rubric and click here for a blank draft of the comic strip.


Declaration of Independence Webquest Start

Begin Activity #1: Introduction & Questions

Activity #1: Write down 3 questions you have about the Declaration of Independence on your activity page. As you come across the answers during the course of this activity, be sure to come back to them and write down the answer and your source for the answer!


2nd Continental Congress

Activity #2: Read the following excerpt and complete the Cause & Effect diagram on your activity sheet.


Activity #3: Read more about John Adams. He played an important role in the forming and early governing of this nation. What role did he play in the 2nd Continental Congress and with the Declaration of Independence? Fill that in on your activity sheet.



Begin Activity #4: Time to Part?

Was it time for the American colonies to declare independence from Britain?

Click here to read about the 2nd Continental Congress’ decision to declare independence.

Then, read about Thomas Paine and his famous pamphlet, Common Sense below.













Activity #4: Watch the video below of the vote to declare independence. Also look at the pictures of Independence Hall and the Continental Congress. On your activity sheet, write what you would have done during this vote as a member of the Continental Congress. Write as a journal entry like the example provided.





Begin Activity #5: Writing The Declaration of Independence

“The Declaration announced to the world on July 4, 1776, that thirteen British colonies in North America were leaving Great Britain to form a separate nation, called the United States of America. In justifying the revolution, the Declaration asserted a universal truth about human rights.” -from the National Archives

Read about when and who signed the Declaration of Independence on Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids. Then, read about the Declaration of Independence from The Charters of Freedom courtesy of the National Archives. On the National Archives page, click on the image of the Declaration of Independence for details about the original document.

Activity #5: Thomas Jefferson was an important revolutionary leader. Read more about him.What was his role in the writing of the Declaration of Independence?


Watch the video below from National Tresure, where they talk about what the character in the movie thinks is the coolest line from the Declaration of Independence. Then, read over the other lines on your activity sheet taken from the Declaration of Independence. You can use the Dictionary Search box on the right side to look up words you don’t know. Which do you think is the coolest line?  Vote here when you decide!




The End & Extra Activities

This is the end of your Declaration of Independence Webquest. Make sure that you answered your 3 questions in Activity #1 that you wrote down at the beginning. If you didn’t find all the answers you are looking for, feel free to come visit with me in the library and we can hook you up with some great books! Also, ever wonder what’s on the back of the Declaration of Independence? Click here to find out!

Also, if you would like to, you can add your signature to the Declaration of Independence and print it out by clicking here!






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205 comments on “5th Grade Declaration of Independence Webquest
  1. I chose four because it explains how we should not be ruled by a person who has no justice and is cruel

  2. There are several broken links on this page. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Ben’s Guide links are all broken.

  3. I choose line#1 because I agree that all men are created equal. I also agree with #5 because are voices need to be heard.

  4. We are all created equal and have 3 rights that no one can take from us.These are life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.

  5. I chose the 4th because i think it shows King GeorgeIII who is in charge and that he does not rule the colonies

  6. So why did Britain want to have a war with the Colonies? Weren’t they already in debt from the French+Indian war?

  7. number one because it shows that we are all free and have the right to be happy and we can live a life that is good for us and not just one person as a whole.the king should not tell us what to do.

  8. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I chose this line because it stands out to me.

  9. This is a REAL thing people!
    Hope that everyone is glad that Thomas Jefferson wrote that so that we can have freedom! If he didn’t write that, then we won’t have any freedom, peace nor a good life.

    If you’re that person, would you be glad that you did this for your people?

    For me, I would have.

    • You know you are right because if Thomas Jefferson did not write the Declaration of Independence we would be still ruled by King George lll.

    • I think by far 1 is the most important. All people should be created equal no matter what gender or race.

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