Micro Blogging at the RBE Library!


This week at the RBE Library I have been hard at work creating some new stations for RBE students to explore when they are in the library getting books.

This station is my RBE Library Micro Blogging Station! I am really excited for kids to get to contribute statements to a Micro Blog that lives on this poster right outside the library. I have already seen a lot of teachers and students reading these posts as they are coming and going from the library.

I have to give credit to Mrs. Lodge for her Library Blurb Center I saw on Pinterest for this station.

So what I did was I laminted a big piece of butcher paper for the hall. I laminated a bunch of sentence strips too. Then I added the station information and directions on top of our #HoldShelf in the library. The kids just grab a dry erase marker and a laminated sentence strip and respond to the prompt at the station. I take the completed strips and tape them on the laminated butcher paper.

I love that this gives students an outlet to practice short, concise expository writing! I am also encouraging the students to restate the question in their response.

If you like this station and want to steal it, here are my materials:

  1.  Micro Blogging Station
  2. Micro Blogging Prompt 1




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