Kindergarten Skype With Oklahoma Kindergarteners

K Skype

This week at the RBE Library, Mrs. Stewart’s class got to Skype with another kindergarten class at Kennedy Elementary in Norman, Oklahoma! This was our first Skype of the year and our first ever Kindergarten Skype! I was super excited about this, as were our students. I’m not entirely sure they knew what I was talking about before we Skyped, but once we got going, they figured it our really quickly!

We used the same lesson I did with all Kindergarteners this week, however this one allowed this class to get their share their writing with an audience of other kindergarteners who did the same thing!

We took turns allowing our kids to step up the web cam and show their writing. So a Kennedy kindergartener would show their picture and read their writing, and then an RBE kindergartener would step up and show their picture and writing!

The link to my lesson explanation on my website can be found here and the link to my Skype in the Classroom lesson can be found here.

Below are some pictures and video from our kindergarten Skype writing share. We hope that we have inspired you to get on Skype in the Classroom and connect your kids, even kindergartners, with others!

Kindergarten Skype Monster Creation & Writing Share


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