Even Monsters Need Haircuts With Kindergarten


This week at the RBE Library, our kindergarten students read Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott. This is a wonderful book and a great story. It is one of my favorite monster books!

This week when we read the book in story time, we looked carefully at the pictures where the monsters are getting their hair cut and talked about the different images and words associated with the illustrations. For instance, on one page the little boy who is the monster barber in the story is cutting the hair of a monster with just 1 long hair on his head. Then, on the opposite page, the monster is covered in hair and the boy says cutting his hair is difficult. the kids loved explaining why the words match the illustrations of the monster’s hair.

There are many great vocabulary connections and mental image connections that can be made though this book, on a kindergarten level.

After we read the story and talked about the story, the kids got to go to the table and create their own monster hair and monster face! They love getting to let their creativity shine! Since kindergarteners are always learning and working with identifying colors, I had them write “My monster’s hair is ______ and then fill in the blank with at least 1 color. They could elaborate further on describing the hair of their monster by saying it was straight, curly, spiky, rainbow, long, short etc.

Here is the writing and creation paper we used in PDF Form and here is the writing and creation paper we used in Word Form. Feel free to take, use, or modify to fit your own story time!

Below you will see pictures of the student’s monsters and their writing. We hope you enjoyed hearing about our lesson, and we hope this inspires you to a monsterly creation as well!

Kindergarten Pics of Even Monsters Need Haircuts



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