Texas 2×2 Library Connections!


Calling all Texas Librarians, Kindergarten, 1st grade, & 2nd grade teachers! If you work with kids ages 2-2nd grade and want to connect kids from all over Texas to celebrate the Texas 2×2 books then keep reading!

During the month of January, I would like to see how many connections we can make between our kiddos and the fabulous Texas 2×2 books!

If you don’t know what the Texas 2×2 books are: Click Here! If you aren’t in Texas, but would still like to connect with one of the books on this list, FEEL FREE! This is a celebration of some great picture books and kids!The idea is that we will Skype or Google Hangout between 2 or more classes.

Try the following or feel free to decide what YOU want to do!

  1. Read a Texas 2×2 book to 2 classes in different places.
  2. Read the book before the connection and allow students to share or discuss the book.
  3. Read the book before the connection and do an activity together.
  4. Whatever you want! The Sky is the limit!

How do you find out who wants to connect and what time they want to connect? 

  1. Click Here for the Google Doc to see who is willing to connect
  2. Find someone at the time you want to connect.
  3. Contact them via Twitter or email and set up a day and time in January that you want to connect.
  4. Decide what YOUR connection will look like.
  5. Test your Skype or Google Hangout connection.
  6. Connect & Have fun!

Nancy Jo’s Tips for Connecting With Others

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you don’t know!
  2. Test your Google Hangout or Skype with the person before the day of.
  3. Have a brief discussion with your kids about how to behave during the GHO or Skype (Don’t wave at the camera while others are talking, be quiet, speak up when you get to be in front of the camera, etc.)
  4. Try a short 5 minute GHO or Skype with your kids and someone else in your building (or me) to show them what it is like. (or you can just dive right in like I have done! :-D)
  5. Don’t be afraid to move your camera around.
  6. It’s ok to be nervous and ask questions. (Contact me directly if you have questions or need help!)
  7. Let your kids enjoy the connection and HAVE FUN!

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