4th Grade Science Nutrition Stations


This week at the RBE Library, our 4th grade students will be learning about nutrition.

It is very important that children learn about nutrition because children simply don’t know enough on their own to naturally choose to eat well. Unfortunately, the foods and snacks that taste the best are usually the worst for our bodies, and a child left to their on whim will almost always choose junk food over fruits and vegetables. Provide them with the right nutrition now and they will learn at an early age what’s necessary for good health. This will also help to set them up for a life of proper eating and nutrition, almost certainly helping them to live longer. Countless studies show that what someone learns as a child is then perpetuated throughout their life. Teach them healthy eating habits now and you’ll perpetuate a healthy lifestyle for them and put them on autopilot on their way to lasting wellness.


Below are some stations that the students can interact with in order to learn about nutrition and nutritious foods! Here is a copy of the Nutrition Stations Activity Sheet (PDF) and the Nutrition Stations Signs. To find out more information about proper nutrition or for additional resources please visit http://www.choosemyplate.gov/index.html.


Station #1: The Five Food Groups

At this station, students will use 5 Nonfiction books to learn about what types of foods are in the 5 basic food groups that make up the ChooseMyPlate options. Students will complete the questions on their activity sheet over the different food groups.




Station #2: The Food Pyramid

At this station, students will color and label their food pyramid. The MyPyramidForKids helps students understand the different food groups they need to eat from every day.

While students are labeling and coloring their Food Pyramid, they should watch this video that explains what Whole Grains are.



Station #3: Reading Nutrition Labels

At this station, students will use this Nutrition Labeling Guide to understand how to read nutrition labels. Some real food packaging will also be at this station so students can look at real packaging labels. They will also use these Nutrient Knowledge Notes to learn about the different nutrients in food and answer the questions on their activity sheet and complete the Nutrition Label Comparison.



Station #4: Creating ChooseMyPlate

Students will use colored ChooseMyPlate Symbols to create a plate of food from the 5 Food Groups. They will choose from serving sizes using the 5 Food Groups Serving Sizes lists of food from each food group to create a plate of healthy choices. They will fill in their healthy meal on their MyPlate on their Activity sheet by using this website to find foods to add to their plate. (Click the image below too!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.38.30 PM


Station #5: Nutrition Games

Students can choose of these games to play to help them further understand nutrition.

  1. Hay Now Quiz Show
  2. Smash Your Food
  3. Combo Kitchen
  4. Dining Decision
  5. Kevin’s Build A Meal 
  6. Track & Field Fuel Up Challenge
  7. Blast Off
  8. Nutrition Sudoku

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.47.12 PM

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