Jan Brett for 2nd Grade

This week, 2nd grade students at RBE will get to explore the books of Jan Brett, and they will learn all about her writing style.

In the library, I wanted them to get to do something really fun and get to draw and create.

Students will get to go to Jan Brett stations and read books, create drawings and masks. They will get to learn more about how some of her books came to be.

Below are some of the online components to the stations.


Station 1- Who Is Jan Brett?

Students will learn more about Jan Brett by reading about her and watching a video.


Station 2- Trouble With Trolls

Students will listen to and follow along as I read aloud Trouble With Trolls. Students can also listen to Jan Brett talk about this book on TeachingBooks.net. Students will also get to pick a troll to turn into a pencil topper.Click Here for the pencil topper instructions.

Trouble With Trolls by Jan Brett


Station 3- The 3 Little Dassies

Students will listen to and follow along as I read aloud The 3 Little Dassies. Students can also make a mask of their favorite character from the story. Click Here for the Masks

The 3 Little Dassies by Jan Brett

Students can also view the slide show below to read a letter by Jan Brett learn more about Africa and the Dassie.



Station 4- Armadillo Rodeo

Students will listen to and follow along as I read aloud Armadillo Rodeo. Students can also listen to the song, “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. Students will also get to draw their own armadillo. Click Here for the instructions from Jan Brett. Students will also use the laptop at the station to learn more about the armadillo through PebbleGo Animals. They will write interesting facts on their armadillo page that they draw.

Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett


Station 5- Friendly Letter

At this station, students will write a friendly letter to Jan Brett telling her which of her books is their favorite and why. The letter will have a border that the students can use their own creativity to illustrate. Some of Jan Brett’s books will be on hand for inspiration!


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