5th Grade Expository ebooks


Before the break our 5th graders were working on their expository writing. We used the Book Creator for iPad and I helped the students on creating ebooks.


I created this planning page and rubric: Expository Book Planning Page & Rubric and the teachers created the rubrics for the writing and the content. They decided to go cross curricular with the writing and have the students write about a topic they were studying in science: energy.

The students really did an AMAZING job on these books! As I was uploading the PDF’s to FlipSnack, I could not help but flip through them and see how wonderful their writing is and their ebooks in general!

The students created their books in the app, then exported as PDF’s to Dropbox. I took them from Dropbox and uploaded them into Flipsnack. You can click on the class links below to the books by class.



Mr. Waldrip’s Homeroom

Mrs. Smith’s Homeroom

Mr. Boles Homeroom

Mrs. Cox’s Homeroom

Mrs. Bunetto’s Homeroom

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