Fowler Middle School Overdrive Skype

This week at the RBE Library, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders came to the library for a refresh on what Overdrive is! Overdrive is our online district ebook and audiobook library that students and staff can use for digital books for FREE!

I wanted to kick off our district wide February Overdrive Awareness month by reminding the students about Overdrive and telling them some cool things about Overdrive. I thought that it might more of an impact on the kids though if they could hear about how cool Overdrive is from middle schoolers.

So I contacted Mrs. Laferriere, the Fowler Librarian, and asked if she could have some of her middle school student Overdrive experts tell our RBE readers some cool things about Overdrive. She agreed and had 3 groups of students come Monday and Tuesday to the library to eat their lunch and talk Overdrive with our readers! I don’t know about the Fowler kids, but our students absolutely loved getting to Skype with the middle schoolers!

The middle school kids had this to say about Overdrive:

  1. Books in Overdrive are easy to carry around on a device than an actual book.
  2. Bookmarks in Overdrive don’t fall out so its harder to lose your place.
  3. Overdrive books have a 2 week loan period, and they go away from your device after the 14 days so there are no overdue books on Overdrive.
  4. You can do lots of other things while you listen to audio books on Overdrive.
  5. Overdrive books are easier to handle than actual books.
  6. Overdrive books can be checked out 14 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year! You don’t have to wait for the library to be open.
  7. You can speed up or slow down the narrator on audio books.
  8. You can follow along in the actual book while listening to the audio book.

Thank you Fowler readers and Mrs. Laferriere for helping our RBE Readers understand what Overdrive is why our students should use it!



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