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On April 28th, our staff at RBE had a staff development day where they met to talk about our Campus Action Plan. I was not here this day because I was with my new school. When I came back to school the next day, I saw this sign hanging in the office hallway: StudentĀ AchievementĀ Strengths- Library supports academic success.

These 4 words meant the world to me. I felt like all the work, all the effort I put into our library program and grade level collaborations was worth it. The Staff, the teachers, felt strongly enough about what we did together to impact learning and student achievement that they listed it on chart as 1 of 5 strengths for student achievement. Wow. WOW!

I don’t know about you librarians, but this is what I am working for. Now, the next goal is to start finding ways to measure or record how the library supports and impacts student achievement.

One step at a time.

4 comments on “Library Supports Academic Success
  1. This is so awesome! You should feel so proud of yourself and you do great work with your students! I hope one day to have this happen in my school too.
    Are you moving to a new school?

    Have a great summer!

    • Hello Jessica,

      Thank you! I love what I do and I love working with my students! Yes, I am currently in the process of switching over this site to reflect my new school and library.

  2. Nancy Jo – how awesome! You got it going on girl! I know that had to feel good! I am excited about this next year in my library and making changes that I know will impact student learning more. Thanks for all you do and for sharing too!

    • Hi Lindsey,

      Thank you for your comment and your encouragement! YOU have it going on too, and I am so excited to see what all you will accomplish!

      Nancy Jo

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