Welcome to the McSpedden Library!

Bv_vgrtCcAERRPGThis is a very exciting time for me, as I am opening the library at the brand new McSpedden Elementary School!

We are greeting the first students in the library this week, and we will be fully open next week. As students come to the library for their first visits we will be focusing on the goals of the McSpedden Library and the procedures. In the coming weeks we will be diving into the curriculum to support teachers and impact student achievement, introducing our makerspace, and starting our library programs.

There is a lot to do when starting a new school and new library, but we are making progress every day and cannot wait to see all our McSpedden readers in the library!

Below are some pics I took of the school and the library on the hard hat tour back in April when the school was still under construction. Pics of the library as it is now and a virtual tour are coming soon!

McSpedden Elementary Library Mission Statement: The McSpedden Library nurtures a community of readers and learners to enjoy reading, seek answers to their questions, and create things to share.

McSpedden Library’s Motto: Read. Learn. Connect. Create.



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